Discus Fish Food Facts

Published: 25th July 2011
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In their natural habitat, discus are accustomed to swimming in the murky, warm waters of the Amazon River in small

to medium sized groups, hiding amongst the dense root networks of the rainforest. Wild discus have a number of

different food types in their diet, such as insects and larvae, tiny plant particles, and little water-swimming

worms. The typical fish hobbyist is accustomed to feeding extremely restricted diet programs to their fish.

However, whilst discus can survive on one kind of high quality discus fish food source they will definitely not thrive.

Discus have unique dietary requirements, a lot like every thing else, they need the highest quality discus food.

Discus feeding may be approached by two methods: shop purchased or homemade.

Nearly all discus keepers purchase some kind of industrial fish Flake because it's the foundation for the diet plan.

The very best food type you can purchase is one which has minimum filler (i.e. wheat, corn and grains) within the flakes.

These fillers are nutritionally ineffective and merely bulk up the meals to reduce expenses.

These fillers will also be hazardous towards the delicate discus digestive tract.

These synthetic fillers can trigger bloating in discus. Excellent quality flake food should be clean fish components instead of filler.

A great method to predict whether or not or not your flakes have clean components would be to search for a item with

low ash and substantial protein. Actually, protein content material is among the greatest methods to figure out

the quality of one's fish food. Discus meals need to have freshly ground salmon, cod or whitefish because it's the

primary ingredient. Actually, any fish meals you buy need to be clean and by no means have ground up filler content.

Additionally to flaked food, you need to feed a number of frozen fish food types for your discus, ideally Hikari

brand name. The very best frozen discus meals are bloodworms (also helpful for appetite stimulation), vegetable

bites and beef heart. Discus may also consume krill, but in moderation as krill is recognised to trigger


For the superior keeper, or in the event you just wish to conserve some cash on meals, you can make hearty and

wholesome discus food inside your very own kitchen area! Homemade discus fish food is complete and has probably the most

nutritional worth and quality. The components you'll need are accessible at nearly any butcher store and consist of:

beef heart (cleaned, trimmed), clean shrimp (peeled), whitefish or salmon, beef liver, plankton, spinach and peas.

Setting these components together produces a nutritionally packed, all natural food which will permit your fish to


You will find various recipes for these components in numerous amounts. The vast majority of home made discus food

will include beef heart. The very best thing about homemade discus fish food is you have much less mess and virtually no

ash to discolour your aquarium water.

A crucial element to a thriving discus aquarium is really a extremely varied diet plan that offers the proper

stability of protein, amino acids, body fat and important components. Each and every discus keeper has their very

own dietary secrets and techniques, but most discus keepers discover a way for fantastic results with a diet plan

is to combine both commercial and homemade food. As with all fish food, whether or not it is homemade or

commercially created, cautious cleansing of the tank following every feeding session and regular water modifications

to safeguard your discuses long-term wellness. These easy actions need ten minutes each day and may provide you with

many years of discus satisfaction.

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